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KISD updates student handbook for upcoming school year

Posted at 5:53 PM, Jul 27, 2022
and last updated 2022-07-28 10:38:09-04

KILLEEN, Texas — A newly updated student handbook for the new school year is now in place for Killeen ISD students.

Members of the school board all voted in approval for some new changes and additions to the student handbook.

Most of those changes and additions revolved around electronic device policies and safety policies. One of the main safety policies being implemented this year will be closed school lunches for all students with the exception of seniors who have passed the CCMR qualifications.

A parent of a high school student at the district said, she's fine with closed lunches but believes there needs to be attention to detail by the school's staff.

“I know with the implementation of closed campuses, that’s supposed to increase safety and security of our children which I’m all for..." said parent Shannon Rendleman. “They also need to make sure there’s enough food to go around for all the kids that they are expecting to stay on campus and eat their lunch…also I think they need to consider the food it needs to be 'good food'.”

Regardless, the handbook is set in stone, and students and parents will expect closed lunches and a limitation on smart devices such as Apple watches.

The full updates to the handbook can be found here.