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Killeen ISD student-athlete defies all odds to sign with Kansas State

Posted at 5:48 PM, May 19, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-19 18:48:10-04

KILLEEN, TX — Wednesday was national signing day for high school athletes and given the struggles of the past year, this signing day is that much more special.

It's a day that shows how all the hard work for student-athletes like Haven Habab from Killeen, has paid off.

Haven knew all her hard work paid off when her dreams of going to Kansas State university finally came true with the stroke of a pen.

Haven was a multi-sport athlete at Killeen High and couldn’t wait for senior year, then her dreams seemed to dim when her family had to move last summer.

”In the middle of June, we picked up our stuff and moved to Fort Cambell Kentucky and my dad deployed about five days after we got there. He deployed off to Germany.” said Haven Habhab, Killeen High School Athlete

Without tennis or basketball at her new high school, she gave volleyball a shot, but it just wasn’t the same and her family could tell.

”It was heartbreaking for all of us that she was so unhappy going through COVID and her dad being deployed at the same time, all during a PCS move.” said Linda Habhab, Haven’s Grandmother.

Just before the spring semester, she did all she could to get back to Killeen, showing a never-ending drive that her tennis coach said, is just who she is.

”Haven will live my practice to go to another workout, more training, and go to the weight room by herself. Outside what I asked her to do, she did twice as much.” said Hurman Jeter, Haven’s Tennis Coach.

It all paid off when she found out she was being recruited by her favorite college to be part of yet another sport she has never done before, rowing.

”I’m actually really excited because being a multi-sport athlete I pick up things fairly easily and I'm excited to take on a new challenge. I love challenges.” said Habhab.

After a very hard year, she has a message for her fellow student-athletes.

”To the other athletes that signed here with me today and all the others working hard, just keep working hard and never stop believing in yourself,” said Habhab.

Habhab Knows she is just one of many student-athletes that had to fight against all odds to make her dreams come true this year and she sends her congratulations to them all.