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Killeen Boys & Girls Club reaching out to youth after video of brawl

Posted at 9:18 PM, Nov 07, 2019
and last updated 2019-11-07 22:19:00-05

KILLEEN, TX — The Boys & Girls club is hoping to help young people in Killeen stay on the right path.

Staff said after seeing a video of multiple students involved in a brawl that took place near Shoemaker High School, they wanted people to know that the Boys & Girls club is always open for whoever needs the help.

"I think more so than ever, we've begun to work as a team, recognizing that it does take a village cause not one of us can do this alone, and so i think that we're making great strides and providing opportunity for the youth, especially our teens," said Boys & Girls Club Central Texas CEO Tiana Quick.

The Boys & Girls Club in Killeen said they offer resources to every high school in the area, including Shoemaker High.

"We can't change what happened. We can only move forward to what we're going to do next. Let's go ahead and reach out to the kids. If anyone could help them for that matter, we're gonna do that. We don't ever give up on anyone," said Dana Carrero Director of Teen Services with the Boys & Girls Club.

The club provides academic success programs, college prep, as well as athletics and other extra curriculars that helps students be leaders in their community.

They also plan to open a new location in downtown Killeen to help the youth in that area.