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Farmers markets are helping small businesses get back up and running

Posted at 10:33 AM, Apr 11, 2021
and last updated 2021-04-11 11:33:54-04

Since COVID-19 restrictions are lifted and more are getting the vaccines, many farmers markets are starting up to come back, like the Downtown Temple Farmers Market.

“A lot of businesses they suffered so much over the last year. Now they were able to do things safely, the weather is changing and it isn’t as cold, I think this is great,” said Temple Small Business Coalition Co-Founder Ashley Bernon.

Owner Kimberly Ogo said she started her business during the pandemic and struggled to promote her business and to bring in clients, but now many small businesses like Candelaria Artistry have a time to shine.

“They see it on my social media but they were a little hesitant to buy it but when they saw it in person it definitely help bring back the sales,” said Ogo.

Tee Colvin postponed opening her business, Whipped by Tee, last year due to the pandemic. Now she said the farmers market allows her to get a fresh start.

“Not having an actual storefront and selling everything online...this allowed for the community to get introduced to us, for us to showcase exactly what we have,” said Colvin.

Event organizers, Temple Small Business Coalition, said even though they started the farmers market last fall, this weekend is the first time many will get a fair shot at making a connection with the community and vice versa.

“The community market is something that needs to get back going again. We thought it was paramount, especially for small businesses here in town and community members. Having something for the community to do,” said Temple Small Business Coalition Co-Founder J.D. McBride.

The Temple Small Business Coalition said they are planning on hosting another market this month.

The Killeen Farmers Market is accepting vendor applications through April 14th.