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Dozens of car thefts and break-ins reported in Harker Heights over the past six months

Posted at 6:19 AM, Dec 31, 2020
and last updated 2021-01-04 07:05:44-05

HARKER HEIGHTS, TX — There’s been a number of car theft and burglaries in Harker Heights.

“My neighbor just got robbed,” said Harker eights Resident Lynda Nash. “They left the garage door open and someone went in her car. She keeps her wallet in there just like a lot of people do because they park in the garage. They took her wallet.”

Lawrence Stewart with Harker Heights Police Department said they’ve seen around 22 vehicles broken into or stolen over the past six months.

“It’s random people it’s not always the same group of people that’s doing it over and over again,” said Harker Heights Police Department Public Information Officer Lawrence Stewart. “We have made arrest concerning a few of these. We continue to look for leads. We continue to look for information through our citizens that may have seen something.”

With New Year's coming soon, Stewart said they’re beefing up patrol to monitor the city but he said locals need to do their part as well to protect their vehicles.

“Lock your doors, be aware,” said Stewart. “Park in well-lit areas. If possible, pull your vehicles into the garage where the garage is locked. Don’t leave your valuables out in plain view or where someone can see it.”

“Sometimes we do get a little complacent and people are out there, evildoers and wrongdoers, and they’re checking for that. We have to really be vigilant,” said Nash.

Locals say be careful putting out boxes from Christmas gifts or big purchases in your yard because it could lure people to steal from your home.