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COVID-19 Hospitalizations rising again in Central Texas

Posted at 10:28 PM, Jul 16, 2021
and last updated 2021-07-16 23:28:05-04

Several hospitals in Bell County like Seton Medical Center are seeing more COVID-19 patients take up beds.

“Over the last few weeks, it’s risen. At what point around that post big pandemic surge, we were running a census around two COVID patients at one time. We made it to 10 earlier this week and now we’re back down to six,” said Seton Medical Center CEO Patrick Swindle.

The same goes for McLennan County.

“We seen a steady increase in hospitalizations in the number of confirmed cases in McLennan County over the past three weeks. Our latest numbers show this past week we’ve had an increase of 8 percent,” said Waco-McLennan Health District Kelly Craine.

Local health officials say the Delta variant confirmed in cases some cases across Central Texas. There are several factors leading to the jump in COVID numbers, including lack of vaccinations.

“A lot of the patients are being seen in the hospitals are unvaccinated and many of them have the new Delta variant infection,” said Texas A&M University-Central Department of Nursing Director & Chair Amy Mersiovsky.

“Most of those ages are between 30-50-60. All of them thus far are unvaccinated,” said Swindle.

Local health officials say hospitalization in COVID numbers are rising and states with the low vacation rates, which includes the Lone Star State.

“60 percent of our citizens in McLennan County are potentially at risk for getting COVID-19,” said Craine.

Even though we are seeing a slight increase in hospitalizations across Central Texas. . . officials are encouraging people to take it seriously, especially since the school year is about to start.

“Last year schools will have to close for a few days, they would have to quarantine people. It was not a stable environment for learning. You get the vaccine you create a normalcy and stability for your kids,” said Craine.

Seton Medical Center says 90 percent of their staff is already vaccinated and they still have plenty of PPE and surge plans in place just in case things get worse.