Two Hillsboro brothers help to design Eclipseboro beer can

Brothers native to Hillsboro provide look for a special brew
Posted at 2:00 PM, Apr 06, 2024

HILLSBORO, Texas — "It’s a great design. It brings the community together," said Diana Garcia, bartender at Frenkie's Pasta and Pizza Shop.

It’s only been a few days since the shop in Hillsboro stocked up on Eclipseboro beer. Garcia said the special brew is capturing a lot of people's attention.

"People were just excited because the design was just so beautiful. They're just like we want to keep it in memory. It's something that we just don't want to forget something that happens just once in a lifetime," said Garcia.

While I was out in Hillsboro on Thursday, the Chamber of Commerce told me about the talk of the town.

“A lot of people are going everywhere asking for it. They gossip around and say hey, you know, let's take pictures and we have several people take pictures with beer signatures of the beer in general," said Garcia.

I did some digging and reached out to the beer can designers to get the why behind their involvement.

Marshall and Ryan Thompson natives of Hillsboro received a call from the Brotherwell Brewing. Marshall tells me it was a no-brainer.

"It was something that we were willing to contribute to and do it free. On the flipside we enjoy it. It’s not only going to a good cause we get to personally enjoy and our family it," said Thompson.

With only a few hours to begin production and start the product rollout, the Thompsons got to work.

“We used the technology that we have to make something as cool as possible. We wanted it to be clean and simple so the artwork wasn’t too busy," said Thompson.

The clean and simple design – along with the hometown connection in Hillsboro – has people in our community buzzing and supporting the local craftmanship.

“I tried it the other day. Just because it was sponsored here in Hillsboro. I do like IVA’s. It’s gotta real nice back hint, orange taste to it," said resident Antiono Vernon.

Garcia tells me keeping it in stock until Monday may be a challenge.

“We’re probably gonna run but honestly we’ll have enough until the eclipse day," said Garcia.