Medical cannabis bus tour makes stop in Killeen

Posted at 7:56 PM, Oct 20, 2022
and last updated 2022-10-20 23:48:01-04

With November elections right around the corner, voters in Killeen are weighing a lot of issues, including decriminalizing marijuana.

That’s why one group traveled to Killeen to remind people that medical cannabis is already legal in Texas.

Since 2015 medical cannabis use has been legal in the state of Texas through the Compassionate Use Program.

The folks with Goodblend medical cannabis dispensary in Austin say a lot of Texans still don’t know that and they stopped in Killeen on their Ride For Your Rights CannaBus tour to remind people

”The tour is about education,” said Terrence Baugh, tour manager, Ride For Your Rights. “So, we’re hitting eight cities all throughout the state to let Texans know about the benefits of medicinal cannabis and how to get involved in the program and how easy it is to get involved.”

They are also letting people know that medical cannabis is not the same as the CBD products you might see at local stores.

”This is different than the CBD stores and the hemp derived CBD products you get on the street,” said Bauch. “This is from the marijuana plant. It is all governed and monitored by the Department of Public Safety and they’re able to get involved in really easily through a physician prescription.”

In 2021 the prescriptions qualifications for medical cannabis were expanded to include PTSD, which was welcome news to one Vietnam veteran who says he was glad he saw the tour bus and pulled over.

”I talked to a few people, and I think it’s very important,” said Bobby James, Vietnam veteran with PTSD. “I’m going to check into it much more when the time comes.”

While James is exploring medical cannabis as an option, other veterans that stopped by already have a prescription.

”It seemed to help me out and I was able to get off of the other medications,” said Samuel Dancer, retired Army veteran using medical cannabis for PTSD. “When the Compassionate Use Program came out, I became an advocate for that and that’s all I use now.”

The heavy veteran population is why tour manager Terrence Baugh said they chose to make Killeen their final stop.

”We understand that there are a lot of veterans and just folks living with PTSD and we want to make sure that they’re very much aware of how they can get this medicine as an option,” said Bauch.

Veterans like James and Dancer say all veterans that might be suffering as they do should at least explore the option.