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Killeen nonprofit asking for community support as they work to save Ukrainian lives

Posted at 7:03 PM, Apr 11, 2022
and last updated 2022-04-12 08:18:07-04

KILLEEN, TX. — As the war in Ukraine continues, so too does the humanitarian crisis it has caused.

When Russia began its relentless attacks on Ukraine, military veterans from across the country stepped up to provide aid to the millions who either fled or stayed to defend their homes.

Part of that humanitarian effort is being led by Killeen-based nonprofit Operation Phantom Support in an operation they are calling Phantom Support Ukraine.

”We are providing medical pipelines in regard to logistic support for medical aid to be able to come in through Romania and then get up to the teams at the front lines that need it. Whether that be hospitals, trauma stabilization points, or ambulances and EMTs that are operating for civilian casualties.” said Caleb Blair, U.S. Army Veteran and Director of Phantom Support Ukraine.

They are also providing food and other essentials to refugees and those on the front lines. That is where former Israeli paratrooper and Forward Operations Manager Michael Comes in.

”I’m hitting the road and heading with a convoy to Kyiv and actually bringing them to the towns of Bucha Irpin’. The places we are seeing a lot in the news and others that have been hit really hard and bringing that food and supplies to them directly,” said Michael.

Since forming shortly after Russia invaded Ukraine, they have received a massive amount of donations of food, medical supply, and other items, but being a nonprofit organization, that’s not where they need help the most.

”To be able to take your first aid kit out of your cabinet, hand it to someone, or ship it off, it warms your heart but the truth is monetary donations," said Michael.

Money to help fund a mission that allows them to provide lifesaving aid on and off the battlefields of Ukraine.

”The best way is to donate. Small donations really add up and if you can’t donate, small business owners have set up auctions. For example, the products they are willing to donate in the form of an auction and taking those proceeds and sending them our way.” said Michael

They are just a small group of veterans doing what they were trained to do.

”We’re willing to step up and go there to continue doing the things we were willing to do for our own country for the Ukrainian people because they deserve to be treated fairly and have the things they need in their lives and we want to be part of that.” said John Valentine. U.S. Army veteran and Founder and CEO of Operation Phantom Support.

Every little bit will help Phantom Support Ukraine save lives on and off the battlefield.

You can donate by going to Phantomsupport.org or, Phantomsupportukraine.org.