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City of Waco plans to repair 20 roads starting next month

Posted at 7:25 PM, Jun 06, 2019
and last updated 2019-06-06 20:25:58-04

WACO, TX — Potholes are a pain. The City of Waco gets that.

On Tuesday, the city council approved a $4 million project to repair nearly two dozen rough roads.

Jim Williams lives across the street from Woodgate Intermediate School, right along Chapel Road where you're likely to hit a pothole or two.

"We've got a few. It's annoying, very annoying," Williams said. "Every once in a while, you'll hit one that can do some damage to your car."

He and his wife live so close to the road that they've even woken up to the sound of other people hitting potholes.

"My wife especially, at night time and day time," Williams said. "Boom! Boom! She hears it."

But relief is on the way for Williams and his neighbors. Chapel Road is one of 20 roads the city plans to improve.

Starting mid-July, two inches of the roads will be ripped up and redone.

Jim Reed is the capital improvement program manager for Waco Public Works. He said these roads were brought to their attention by concerned citizens.

"With the Pavement Management Program, it's always community input that makes this program a success," Reed said. "With the neighborhood meetings and the phone calls we get. We encourage citizens to reach out."

Reed said the project is covered by a capital improvement plan that allows the city to focus on long-term maintenance, rather than just a quick fix.

This will keep the roads in shape for years to come, which is great news for drivers and construction crews.

"These are high volume roadways," Reed said. "You hate to see your workers out here on a continuous basis faced with pothole repair, curb and gutter repair."

It will take a couple of days to rebuild each road, longer than the 30 minutes it takes to fill a pothole. Reed expects the work to be completed in a few weeks once workers get started.

Williams said the minor inconvenience is worth the lasting change.

"It's a great thing the city is doing," Williams said. "I welcome it!"

If you have any problems with the road in front of your home or business, you can report it here . It could be part of the next project funded by the city.

The roads impacted by the project include:

  • Clifton Street, from Faulkner Lane to city limits
  • Evans Drive, from Gholson Road to Mahalia Drive
  • Home Circle, from Mahalia Drive to a dead end
  • King Cole Drive, from Home Circle to Mahalia Drive
  • Louis Street from Mahalia Drive to King Cole Drive
  • Mahalia Drive, from Gholson Road to Home Circle
  • Garden Drive, from Highway 77 to Old Robinson Road
  • American Plaza, from Loop 340 to Old McGregor Road
  • Bosque Boulevard, from Loop 340 to city limits
  • Chapel Road, from FM1695 to Chapelwood Drive
  • Londonderry Drive, from Old McGregor Road to Sanger Avenue
  • Mall Drive, from Sanger Avenue to Fairway Road
  • Marillac Road, from Richland West to American Plaza
  • Medical Parkway, from Londonderry Drive to Loop 340
  • New Road, from Bagby to city limits
  • Old McGregor Road, from Loop 340 to Londonderry Drive
  • Richland West Circle, from Medical Parkway to Medical Parkway
  • Wheatland Drive, from Bosque Lane to Speegleville Road
  • Harvest Lane, from Bosque Lane to a cul-de-sac
  • Oak Road