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Twenty car burglaries in College Station put firearms in the wrong hands

Series of car burglaries recovered 5 guns.
Posted at 6:21 PM, Nov 09, 2020
and last updated 2020-11-09 19:21:15-05

COLLEGE STATION, TX — A series of overnight burglaries took place in various locations of College Station.

According to police, there were at least 20 care burglaries where 5 guns were recovered from these vehicles.

”I do know it’s never good practice to leave your fire arms in your vehicle, I personally have been broken into my vehicle twice in College Station the eleven years I've been here,” said George Clendenin, Owner and Chief instructor of Integrity Fire Arm Training Center LLC.

Even if you lock your car, your fire arm should not be left unattended—and having items on display can put your vehicle at risk.

”Whenever I leave my vehicle, I always put my belongings in the trunk because having your belongings in an open display even though I'm not really worried about having it stolen, I think I am more worries about just the chance of my car being broken into,” said Kyle Nguyen, resident of College Station.

The cost to cover a broken car window is pricey.

If you have taken the responsibility to own a gun George Clendenin says you must not be negligent when keeping it concealed.

”In the old days we called it accidental discharge but we have really gotten away from that term because if that gun goes off it’s your fault so it’s a negligence not just an accident,” said Clendenin.

When it comes to fire arms there are no accidents—this is why storage of your firearms is extremely important and owners must do all they can to prevent them from getting in the wrong hands.

”As far as it comes to safe storage keeping guns away from minors so anyone under the age of seventeen if they get access to a firearm that we knew or could have prevented we actually as adults are liable for that,” said Clendenin.

Taking that extra step to not leave it in your vehicle and ensure it is concealed in a safe area at all times protects many lives for possible irreversible consequences.