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Truckloads of volunteers show in search for 3-year-old Christopher Ramirez

Posted at 11:13 PM, Oct 08, 2021
and last updated 2021-10-09 00:15:28-04

GRIMES COUNTY, Texas — Agencies working through the night and blistering heat as they continue the search for 3-year-old Christopher Ramirez.

We are now three days into the search for the missing Texas toddler. Friday morning the Texas EquuSearch encountered a nice surprise of 21 new boots on the ground.

Only rabbit trails so far, but there’s one thing they do know.

”We know where he’s not and as long as we know where he’s not we still hold on to that hope that we’re going to get him back safe,” said Tim Miller, Founder and Director of Texas EquuSearch.

The information or leads collected so far have been slim.

“There’s just nothing to go on yet, I mean nothing,” added Miller.

While searching to find a lead – the Texas EquuSearch team was surprised with something to help with that.

”This morning at just about eight o’clock. We had finished a briefing with all of the agencies that are assisting in the search for three-year-old Christopher Ramirez and about three truckloads showed up,” said Angelina Farris, Texas Equ search coordinator.

21 men stepped off those trucks equipped and ready to help.

“They came ready, I mean they had everything with them. They had all the same color shirts, they had their drinks, they had their snacks, they were ready to go,” said Farris.

This additional help allowed them to search along the road of 1774 up to the command post all before noon.

“They covered a very very large area that has a lot of brush, a lot of thorny areas, a creek, there’s a small pond, so there’s a lot of areas that had to be thoroughly searched,” explained Farris.

They have expanded their range of search. Miller said he and Sheriff Don Sowell are in agreement to continue the search until Ramirez is found or all resources are exhausted.

”We’re not close to that yet, we’re not there yet, so we’re still here certainly holding on to that hope,” said Miller.

While having more boots on the ground is helpful, Sheriff Sowell said the community is the eyes and ears of this investigation. Sowell asks anyone with information to please share what they know.