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Local motorcycle club fundraises for burn survivors

Posted at 5:17 PM, Sep 25, 2021
and last updated 2021-09-27 21:29:10-04

COLLEGE STATION, Texas — A local motorcycle club is kicking off its weekend with a charitable event!

That’s right, the Brothers Keepers Motorcycle Club in Bryan is the 30th chapter and this is its very first fundraising event.

All proceeds from their poker chip run are going towards the Texas Burn Survivor Society.

This organization is on a mission.

“Our mission is to help critically burned and their families and our real goal is to help them thrive, not just survive,” said Sue Dodson, executive director of Texas Burn Survivor Society.

Camp David is a specialized program in Kerrville for young burn survivors.

This camp allows them to do all the things they never thought were possible.

”We get to ride horses, we get to do the rock wall, zip line and we get to swim in the pool,” said Olivia Zarsky, a Camp David camper. “My favorite memory was riding horses,"

The Brothers Keepers members have seen first-hand what a tragedy an extreme fire can cause.

”It’s kind of an emotional thing you know, as a firefighter, we don’t get to see the after," said Tim Valdez, President of Brother's Keeper Motorcycle Club chapter 30 in Bryan. "We go in, we put the fire out, we help them through the next day or so, but then we don’t see or follow up. It’s really nice to go meet them and help them.”

And now they’re able to support them on the other side as well.

“It means a lot it helps with kids who can’t afford to come,” Zarsky shared.

Executive director Sue Dodson says many kids struggle to bring the bare necessities for camp, but this program is all-inclusive.

“We have between 65 and 70 children at camp every year and it’s totally free of charge,” shared Dodson.

During the pandemic, the camp had to take a different approach. Camp David was delivered to the camper's homes in a box filled with goodies and activities to keep their spirits high.

To learn more about how you can help Camp David's mission, click here.

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