Baylor Scott and White sending medical supplies to Ukraine

Posted at 6:22 PM, Mar 17, 2022

WACO, Texas — Baylor Scott and White is the latest to join the many Central Texas organizations looking to assist people in Ukraine.

Every month their Faith in Action Initiative sends out a package of medical materials to humanitarian aid all over the world. When concerns about a Russian invasion began, they set their focus on Ukraine.

"When the invasion happened, we were immediately were in conversations with our international partners there and just began that process of really trying to figure out what their needs are and how we can come alongside them in that," Faith in Action Initiative Director Matthew Hoffman said to 25 News.

Their biggest need is medical supplies such as gauze, bandages, and basic PPE. So far, the initiative has sent four shipments to near the Poland-Ukraine border and they plan to send even more.

"We see this as something that's an ongoing effort, work we're going to be doing for some time," Hoffman said.

Hoffman said helping others is all part of their mission, whether it's in Central Texas or thousands of miles away.

"This is a part of who we are. It's a part of our mission," he said. "Our hearts ache when we see things like this happen and we're moved to prayer. But we're also moved to action as well."

They are accepting medical supplies to include in their shipments or monetary donations from the public to help them continue their charitable work.

"Oftentimes individuals think it's difficult to make a difference or ask themselves how do I do that? It's really not that difficult to make a difference in this case," Hoffman said. "If you want to help, there are ways to do that. Just through the simple process of let's go purchase some of these items."

Donations can be dropped off at the Second Life Resource Center at 2911 Herring Avenue in Waco.