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Over 2 decades of service: Bosque Valley Mills Food Pantry continues to help families

Posted at 9:42 AM, Mar 18, 2024

BOSQUE COUNTY, Texas — “About 15 years ago, I had five brain surgeries and it left me disabled," Carmen Merghart said.

Merghart is a volunteer and one of many Americans relying on food pantries to feed her family. After her surgeries, she found herself on a fixed income. 15 years later she's still depending on the food pantry.

“My only income is disability and I'm a single mom. When you're dealing with a fixed income it's hard because the money doesn't stretch anymore, I mean, inflation is so high," Merghart said.

A few years before Merghart showed up to the Bosque Valley Mills Food Pantry in need, six local residents came together to help fix food insecurities that continue to grow.

“There are about 75% that are using the food discount or free food meals at school. So we have about 75 books now that are qualifying," vounteer Karen Hall said.

Even though Merghart's health isn’t where she wishes it was, she volunteers at the food pantry. It's her way of saying thank you.

“I mean without it—it would be very, very hard to do what I do on a fixed income. And so it supplements where I can and that helps me feel like I'm doing my job as a parent to provide," Merghart said.

The Bosque Valley Mills Food Pantry is the only one in town and the only one that gives out meat.

Jean Brown is the director of the food pantry.

"And the only reason we can give meat it's because we've had such good volunteers that give money you know, monthly," Brown said.

It’s the unknown donors that Merghart and others will never meet but will always remember.

“My children are the face of people you're helping and we are very thankful and grateful," Merghart said.