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Local DPS Troopers sent support during protest deployment

Posted at 11:55 AM, Jun 05, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-05 12:56:39-04

DPS Troopers are working around the clock to protect the people, and property of Texas during on-going protests.

1,500 DPS Troopers are currently deployed to protest hot spots across the state.

"Texans will take care of Texans," said Governor Abbott in an interview with 25 News.

"We are providing Texas DPS to the regions that have been impacted most by this violence and vandalism," he said.

For local Troopers, what was expected to be a weekend deployment to Austin is now heading into its second week.

"We literally believe in the same thing. A Texas police force that is perfect every day that can do the best of everything it's called to do and sacrifice everything it's called to sacrifice," said CLEAT Executive Director Charley Wilkison, in a video statement to officers statewide.

Officer's associations including CLEAT, work to support law enforcement.

"In spite of all the things being said, don't be discouraged today. Let's fall back on the first day that we got here in this place and we wanted to make a difference," said Wilkison.

Central Texas law enforcement families have raised hundreds of dollars to send supplies like socks and toiletries to Troopers still standing guard.

Overnight accommodations have also been made for Troopers in Austin when they are not on shift.

DPS told 25 News, "The department is grateful for the incredible support our Troopers have received from citizens across the state who help to make these long days a little easier."

Cots are set up inside the capitol for Troopers to take short breaks while on a 12-hour shift as more weekend protests are planned.