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Historic barber shop feels strain amid COVID-19 crisis

Posted at 9:04 PM, Mar 22, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-22 22:04:19-04

WACO, TX — As the days pass, more people are becoming concerned regarding the community spread of the coronavirus.

While some businesses are experiencing a larger demand amid COVID-19, others are suffering.

Parkdale Barber Shop's doors have been open to the community since the 1960's.

But now they are experiencing something like never before.

"We have a lot of people not coming in and asking 'hey are you still open,'" said Cody Pirelo, a barber.

After Mayor Kyle Deaver ordered some Waco businesses to close, this barber shop said they felt the heat as less people showed up.

Their doors were closed for the weekend as a result.

"It's the first time in 50 years that we have ever closed shop for anything and it was because of this," said Pirelo. "We are probably doing a quarter of the business that we usually would do."

The closure is affecting their business, as well as their employees.

"It really sucks that I do not have any haircuts to cut, I love doing what I do and its unfortunate that we have to go through something like this," said Nicolas Maddox, a Barber.

Regardless of the rough time, they will remain open, and are making sure to follow every CDC guideline.

"We are keeping with the amount allowed, 10, and if we have more people then we ask them to wait in their car and we call them," said Pirelo.

They will continue doing what they need to so the barber shop can service their community.

"I just want to cut hair but we are going to take this day by day," said Maddox.

If you are sick, be mindful of attending the barbershop, but until further notice, their doors will remain open for everyone.

Parkdale Barber Shop is located at 5900 Bosque Blvd # 305, Waco, TX 76710.

They are open Tuesday - Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturday from 8 a.m. - 12 p.m.

You can also reach out to Nicolas Maddox via Instagram.