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Candidates plot runoff strategy for Texas' Congressional 17th

Posted at 2:57 AM, Mar 04, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-04 12:08:22-05

WACO, TX — The Associated Press reports the 17th Congressional district race will head to a runoff between two Waco candidates.

Pete Sessions and Renee Swann got the top two vote totals in Super Tuesday voting and will head to the starting line again.

March 4th is likely the first day of the new campaign for the runoff in the 17th congressional district Republican nomination for the state of Texas.

Former 5th district congressman Pete Sessions, who lost his seat to a democrat in his re-drawn 5th district last year, bet big on his Waco roots, and ran a tough-talking campaign centered on Texas conservative values.

He says as the runoff campaign begins, he'll hammer home those conservative credentials, as well as his years of experience in Washington.

"In order for the Texas congressional district to have a powerful member of congress, who can achieve the things that are possible from this district, it will take a person with experience to go get it done," he said.

Renee Swann, a political newcomer, says she's ready to go.

"What happens if I wake up tomorrow and you have to start all over again? If I wake up tomorrow and what happens? I'm ready for tomorrow," she explained.

Swann will once again likely depend on a network of establishment Republicans and the endorsement of outgoing Congressman Bill Flores as she works to position herself as the candidate of new ideas and a fresh approach.

"Many of the relationships that I've made, have not been political insiders relationships it's just been the good people of this district," said Swann.

Now, those good people will have to choose between these two candidates that believe their conservative beliefs will carry them to the nation's capitol.

”Selling to them the ideas and letting them pick the answers and working together and I think that'll continue to be successful,” said Sessions.

Very likely this will become a race of Republican bona-fides with both sides trying to show they are the most conservative, the most Texas, the most deserving of that congressional seat.

According to the Texas Secretary of State, the primary runoff will take place, Tuesday May 26th.