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Church members rally around each other after Thursday night Church fire

Posted at 5:55 PM, Apr 03, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-03 18:55:18-04

ZABCIKVILLE, TX — The Ocker Brethren Church is the lifeline of the community in Zabcikville, and Thursday night it went up in smoke.

Pastor Brad Herridge got a call he would never forget.

“I got a call last night at 7:57 from a frantic church member saying the church was on fire and that it was ablaze,” said Brad Herridge.

The fire started in the back of the sanctuary on the top level.

The sanctuary itself was spared with only some water and smoke damage.

“To the people who were out here last night literally walking and praying, and it was a moving thing. The first thing I would say is thank you and the second thing I would say is were going to be okay,” said Brad Herridge.

Diane Psencik has been a member for over 30 years, this church was more than just a place of worship. It was home.

Founded in 1892, Ocker Brethren Church is a place that holds memories and history that can never be replaced.

“Most people have been here a long time. Most people have family members here in the cemetery have family members who have been married here, baptized here, or confirmed here,” said Diane Psencik.

During a time when the church cant meet together in person, it became even harder for the congregation to grieve.

“It’s just hard to deal with.. The fact that we are not here anymore, and now we have no place to come back to when we do get to start meeting again,” said Diane Psencik.

“I was just talking with a member who drove up here today, and she was just in tears. She said the hardest part of this.. she loves this church. She loves this church building. She said the hardest part is not being able to hug somebody and cry,” said Brad Herridge.