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Biden wins Nevada Democratic primary

Biden is the projected winner of the Nevada Democratic primary, and the results could help him strategize the rest of the race.
Why the Nevada primary is crucial for Biden's presidential campaign
Posted at 6:20 PM, Feb 06, 2024

President Joe Biden will win the Nevada Democratic primary and at least 23 of the 36 delegates at stake, Scripps News and Decision Desk HQ project. 

In his second Democratic primary this year, the president faced off with author and speaker Marianna Williamson and 11 other candidates in the primary, though voters could have also voted for the "None of These Candidates" option.

However, just like in his first primary in South Carolina days ago, the president easily achieved his victory.

It's likely welcome news for the leader, who was hoping to gain more momentum from the first 2024 presidential primary in the western U.S.

Nevada has largely been a battleground state in recent presidential elections, with party-line votes nearing 50-50 in each race since 2000, so it's become somewhat of a testing ground for many campaigns, including for President Biden.

And now that he's the projected winner, the Biden administration is expected to use the voting results to help further its campaign strategy for the rest of the race, particularly to draw more support from Black and Latino Nevada voters.

President Biden won the state by a margin of less than 3% against former President Donald Trump in the 2020 race, and with Trump a front-runner again on the other side of the aisle's race, picking up on voter habits will likely be crucial if President Biden wants to snag another win in the 2024 general election.

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State law requires both the Democratic and Republican parties to hold primary elections, but the state's GOP voted to host its own caucuses, too. That's where all of the 26 available delegates will be awarded. Trump chose to participate in the caucuses, while Nikki Haley's name appeared on the primary's ballot. She is projected to place second, behind the "None of These Candidates" option, likely because Trump wasn't on the ballot. 

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