Cedar fever returns to Central Texas, afflicting many allergic reactions

Cedar Fever
Posted at 1:13 PM, Dec 27, 2022
and last updated 2022-12-27 14:13:39-05

25 WEATHER — Ashe Juniper or also called Juniperis Ashei is an evergreen tree that is from the Cypress family or Cupressaceae.

The Cypress family is composed of 133 species of evergreen shrubs and trees. T

hey are also located all around the world but are native to South Missouri, down through Oklahoma, and into Central and West Texas.

The pollen that is released from Ashe Juniper trees is very irritating to those with cedar allergies.

Many would think that the worst months for allergies would be the summer months.

Ashe Juniper's pollen is worst during the winter months, December through February to be exact. There are large concentrations of these trees in the western counties of Central Texas and further southwest.

Concentrations of this type of pollen are at its worst for Central Texas when there is a south/southwest wind because the winds carry the pollen directly into Central Texas.

A great representation of this is depicted in the graphic below.

Over the course of the next few days Central Texas will be experiencing this south/southwest wind so if you have bad allergies just be a bit cautious.

Try to limit time outdoors and keep doors and windows shut as much as possible.