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VP Harris sets record for casting tiebreaking votes in Senate

U.S. Vice Presidents have cast 64 tiebreaking votes in the last 42 years. Half of them have been cast by Kamala Harris.
VP Harris sets record for casting tiebreaking votes in Senate
Posted at 1:27 PM, Dec 05, 2023

No vice president has been more active in the Senate during their tenure than Vice President Kamala Harris. She has now cast 32 tiebreaking votes in the Senate, the most of any vice president. 

She topped the previous record set by Vice President John C. Calhoun between 1825-1832. 

What makes Harris' record even more noteworthy is she is not even three years into a single term. By comparison, when Joe Biden served eight years in the Senate, he never had to cast a tiebreaking vote. 

In just three years, Harris has cast exactly half of the 64 tiebreaking votes in the Senate since 1981. 

"I am honored, I am truly honored," Harris told reporters. "I think about the tiebreaker votes with honor and pride to cast."

Following Tuesday's vote, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer presented her with a golden gavel. 

"She's done a great job and without her tiebreaking votes, just today is historic, we wouldn't have the [Inflation Reduction Act], wouldn't have had the Rescue Plan. We wouldn't have had so many of the good judges and appointees we've had."

Her latest vote was on cloture on the nomination of Loren AliKhan to the District Court of D.C. Unless a senator doesn't show up Tuesday afternoon or one changes their mind, Harris will likely have to cast the tiebreaking vote for AliKhan's final confirmation. 

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Sen. Joe Manchin was the lone Democrat to vote against the motion, joining all 49 Republicans. 

While most of Harris' tiebreaking votes have been tied to the nominations of federal officials and judges, Harris has had to cast several notable votes. Arguably the biggest votes cast by Harris came in August 2022 as she helped Democrats pass the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022. 

The bill had a number of provisions meant to address climate change. It also included additional funds for the Internal Revenue Service, which has complained of being chronically underfunded for years. 

The bill became law despite not garnering a single vote from Republicans in either chamber. 

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