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Super Bowl tickets near record high as fees alone cost thousands

You can still secure guaranteed tickets that aren't sold through the resale market, but those could be even more expensive.
Super Bowl tickets near record high as fees alone cost thousands
Posted at 1:10 PM, Jan 30, 2024

It's no secret that Super Bowl tickets have long been a pricey proposition. This year's game is no exception. 

Ticket resale site StubHub lists the cheapest ticket for $6,400 before fees and taxes as of Tuesday afternoon. Add in fees and the cost surges to $8,601. The cheapest ticket in the stadium's lower bowl will cost nearly $11,000 after fees. 

Yeah, it's that expensive.  And tickets on StubHub aren't directly from the NFL. Other than in 2021 when the pandemic limited ticket sales, resale tickets are selling at their highest rates ever. 

Tickets directly from the NFL could be even pricier. There are several official fan experience packages the NFL has that allow fans to buy guaranteed tickets to the game. 

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Tickets through the NFL are selling for a minimum of $8,500 before fees. Add in over $1,500 in fees and the ticket cost comes out to over $10,000. These ticket packages are paired with live entertainment and other perks. 

Those still hoping to go might be best advised to wait. According to TicketiQ, in general, the cheapest tickets are sold about a week out from the game. The ticket resale site says that oftentimes the lowest-priced tickets will go up in the final days before the game as ticket supplies dwindle. 

The get-in price has definitely increased over the years. A year ago, fans could get into the game for merely $5,500. 

Today's ticket prices are far from the first Super Bowl when $10 could get you into the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. Adjusted for inflation, a ticket to the first Super Bowl would now sell for about $93.

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