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Super Bowl snacks: What foods could cost you more this year

People plan on spending $86 on average on food, beverages, decor, and apparel this Super Bowl Sunday, the National Retail Federation found.
Super Bowl snacks: What foods could cost you more this year
Posted at 3:09 PM, Feb 09, 2024

How much will your Super Bowl foods cost you this year?

It depends on your ingredients.

If you plan on making deviled eggs, get ready to pay more than you did just a couple of months ago. The most recent Consumer Price Index from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows egg prices are up almost 9% since November.

If steaks are on the menu, those are also up by 2.4%.

The good news for chicken wing lovers? There’s been almost no price change for chicken.

The same goes for other party favorites like potato chips and alcoholic beverages. In fact, potatoes are down nearly 3%, according to the most recent CPI numbers.

But what’s really the most popular snack on Super Bowl Sunday?

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According to a survey by Instacart, 99% of Americans plan to eat chips while watching the big game. Tortilla chips and potato chips seem to be the most popular.

Depending on your party plans, the Super Bowl could be a pricey day.

survey from the National Retail Federation found that people plan on spending about $86.04 on average for food, beverages, decor, and apparel.

This year, around 112 million people plan to throw or attend a party, the NRF said.

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