Print shop helps police during manhunt for robbery suspect

Posted at 11:28 PM, Feb 06, 2019
and last updated 2019-02-12 11:30:17-05

Just after crashing his vehicle from a police chase, Dallas Scott Bohanan fled the scene on foot and ended up running down Highway 77 in Waco. He was seen walking across the parking lot of Northern & Nye Printing and the company took notice.

"He had blood on his face and just looked real suspicious and about that time a cop car and an ambulance past by too, and I kinda did a double take and kinda looked at him and just felt like something wasn't right.", said Josh Lykins, a delivery driver for Northern & Nye Printing.

Lykins had come back to the to his co-workers to let them know what he saw.

"Josh had taken a ride on Garden Drive and saw the police down there and so we told Josh," said Chris Northern, Office Manager for Northern & Nye Printing.

Lykins knew that he had to see if this was the man that the police were looking for.

"(I) Flagged down an officer and told him, I don't know if this is the guy you're looking for, but he had a baby blue shirt on and blood out his nose and he didn't say too much, he just kind of, they all just kind of took off over this way," Lykins said.

Police followed Lykins tip to find Bohanan.

"Next thing we knew, there were cops all in our parking lot and they blocked off Cloverleaf. The cops pull guns on him and have him drop in the street about three houses behind our building," Northern said.

The police were able to quickly apprehend the suspect with the tip that the company had given them.

"There's no telling where that guy could've gone into that neighborhood, had Josh not alerted the police that we have seen him," Northern said.

"If you see something that's not right or it never hurts to let someone know what's going on, because you never know what's really going on behind the scene," Lykins said.

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