Walmart to reward employee's good attendance with bonuses

Posted at 10:40 AM, Feb 04, 2019
and last updated 2019-02-04 11:40:44-05

Walmart has announced a new attendance policy for its employees on Feb. 1. The new policy along with the new refined paid time off program was created to support employees during unexpected life events. 

They said in a press release that the changes reflect feedback from associates.

"We’re constantly testing, learning and seeking feedback to improve our stores for associates and customers. This change, along with previous wage investments, parental leave, adoption and other benefits, is another important step on our journey to be the employer of choice," Vice President of Associate Experience Drew Holler said.

Under the new policy, eligible hourly Walmart associates can earn an additional 25 percent on the quarterly cash bonuses they currently receive based on store performance.

Holler said that more than 300,000 hourly associates have spotless attendance records. 

The press release also said that in addition to the cash incentive for good attendance, Walmart introduced a Protected PTO program, giving hourly associates a bank of time to use when they unexpectedly can’t make it into work. Absences covered by Protected PTO don’t impact an associate’s attendance record. Associates in most locations can earn up to 48 hours of Protected PTO a year. This time can be used to cover an unplanned absence.

They have also announced a scheduler to allow employees to swap schedules with another employee. 

“We know that associates are our best idea generators, and their comments continue to help us reimagine how we serve our customers and support the unique needs of our associates,” he said.

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