Midway ISD hit with t-shirt scam

Midway ISD hit with t-shirt scam
Posted at 11:36 AM, Feb 01, 2019
and last updated 2019-02-01 13:03:10-05

Businesses within the Midway Independent School District community have received phone calls from a business offering sponsorships for school shirts. However, the school district says there is no affiliation.

The caller is leaving the impression that they are raising funds on behalf of Midway ISD, but has never contacted the school.

The school district says this has become an issue about three months before each major sport begins to play.

The high school usually receives the shirts and must discard of them. The school is not able to use the shirts because they often will violate sponsorships agreements already in place with Midway ISD and violate the schools branding policy.

“We encourage businesses to contact Midway ISD to see if it’s a legitimate sale, or to purchase shirts or sponsorships from a Midway staff member or someone representing a Midway organization. A key question to ask would be, what company do you represent?” says Suzi Pagel, Director of Development for Midway ISD.  “We know that we have a very encouraging community. They want to support Midway and Midway athletics and we are so appreciative of that, but we don’t want their money going outside of the community. We want them to be aware of where they are investing their funds.”

The school district solicits sponsorships each spring for spirit shirts using official letterhead and all of the money raised stays within the community to provide more shirts for the students.

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