Texas diocese release names of clergy accused of sexual abuse

Posted at 2:43 PM, Jan 31, 2019
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Texas diocese released names of clergy accused of committing sexual abuse of a minor. 

The Diocese of Austin released the names of clergymen accused of sexual abuse. The diocese said that priests, deacons and religious brothers and sisters on the list have "credible allegations of sexual abuse of a minor." 

In the Central Texas area, the following members have been accused and include what assignment they had within the area through the diocese: 

Ricardo Aguilar
Temple: Our Lady of Guadalupe

Paul Clogan 
Bryan: St. Joseph

Daniel Joseph Delaney
Bryan: St. Joseph; Lampasas: St. Mary 

Michael Flanagan
Corsicana, Immaculate Conception

James Gallagher
Gatesville: Our Lady of Lourdes; Hamilton: St. Thomas 

James Greenwell
Cameron: Blessed Sacrament; Marlin, Santa Maria del Pilar; Marlin: St. Joseph; Temple, Our Lady Guadalupe; Waco, Sacred Heart, St. Francis, VA Hospital (Chaplain)

Michael Krol
Bremond: St. Mary; Hamilton: St. Thomas; San Saba: St. Mary 

Donald A. Neumann
Bryan, St. Joseph

James O'Connor
Bellmead: St. Joseph; Bremond: Conventus S. Maria; Hamilton: St. Thomas; Hearne: St. Mary; Temple: St. Mary; Waco: St. Mary of the Assumption; West: St. Mary of the Assumption

Rafael Ozuna Rendon 
Killeen: St. Joseph; Temple: Our Lady of Guadalupe

Longinus Juventius Reyes (aka Lonnie)
Waco, St. Louis

Victor G. Robles
Bryan, St. Teresa

Adrianus Johannes Willemsen
Bremond, St. Mary's

Louis J. Wozniak
Bremond, St. Mary

This list of accused clergy has also served in other areas. You can view the full list here

The diocese said that "The inclusion of a name on this list does not establish that the allegation was substantiated or proven to the Diocese of Austin, a court, or other authority; and does not establish that sexual abuse under the Texas Penal Code actually occurred."

Criteria for Inclusion on the List
In order for a name to be placed on the list, the diocese must have knowledge of an allegation made against the person to be named and the allegation must include all of the following.
(1) The allegation involved abuse.
(2) The alleged abuse constituted sexual abuse.
(3) The alleged victim was under the age of 18 at the time of the alleged abuse.
(4) The alleged perpetrator was a priest, deacon, religious brother, or religious sister either at the time of the alleged abuse or sometime after the alleged abuse.
(5) The alleged abuse is claimed to have been committed (a) within the geographic jurisdiction of the diocese, or (b) by a priest or deacon of the Diocese of Austin, or a seminarian or lay person affiliated with the Diocese of Austin who was later ordained.
(6) After review of the reasonably available, relevant information, there remained reason to believe the allegation was true.

For additional information on the names of the list, click here

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