Killeen residents to see increase in utility bill

Posted at 10:42 AM, Jan 24, 2019
and last updated 2019-01-24 12:06:25-05

Residents in Killeen will be seeing an increase in their utility bill starting in July, and the city has developed an interactive map to see how much each household will be charged.

Back on Dec. 11, Killeen City Council voted to adopt a street maintenance fee to fund annual maintenance of the city's public roadways.

The fee has been set at a rate of $1.70 per single-family equivalent per month. The fee is adjusted for other types of property like multi-family and commercial.

The city has created an interactive map that shows each property and its exact charge. Properties can be searched by typing in an address or selecting a point on the map. When selected, a window will provide information specific to the property including the monthly fee.

As adopted, the fee will generate $1.6 million each year to be added to the current general fund allocation of about $300,000 for maintenance. 

The additional funding will increase the amount of annual preventative maintenance and decrease the maintenance cycle from 15 years to seven.

Killeen’s street system is made up of 564 linear miles of road, or 2,191 lane miles. It contains 98 traffic signals, 65 school flashers, hundreds of miles of sidewalk, thousands of signs and many other components. Each of these elements requires regular and preventative maintenance.

A condition assessment will be completed before the implementation of the fee to prioritize streets and surface treatments. This information will be used to develop annual work plans. 

To learn more about the street maintenance fee or to use their interactive map, you can head over to their website here: []

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