Students play with slime and boost knowledge at same time

Posted: 5:45 PM, Jan 22, 2019
Updated: 2019-01-23 02:56:36Z
Students play with slime and boost knowledge at same time

Students at one Copperas Cove school got to learn about and play with slime at the same time.

Third-grade teachers at Williams Ledger Elementary School gave the students a written set of directions to make the slime.

Students worked together in a small group following each step in order to create their own colorful slime.

“This activity reinforced students' knowledge of English/Language Arts/Reading 3.15A of Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills which requires students to follow and explain written directions by completing four or more steps in order,” Bethany Stubbs, a third-grade teacher, said. “Students were eager and excited to participate in a real-world application of this skill.”

Student Sharon Hallet had to use her problem-solving skills to make her slime stretchy.

“After we added in the contact solution, the glue clumped up. I wasn't expecting it to form into slime that fast," Hallett said.

The students had to overcome obstacles in order to make sure their slime was to their standards.

Teacher Logan Toups worked with the students to help them determine what the solution was to make the slime viable and flexible.

“We need another splash of contact solution to make it less sticky,” Toups told the students.

In addition to the required ingredients, the small work groups of students were also able to add some food coloring and get creative, said student Yulianna Medina

“I was so excited when we were told we had four different colors to choose from to make our slime unique. My team chose blue,” Medina said.

Playing with slime is a sensory play activity. In addition to improving their ELAR skills, students were able to utilize and understand all five of their senses.

When several senses are stimulated at once, children build their creativity and learning through exploration.

Sensory play also encourages the development of fine motor skills and coordination.

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