Waco community honors Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in candlelight vigil

Posted at 9:11 PM, Jan 21, 2019
and last updated 2019-01-21 22:40:23-05

Many gathered for the 33rd Candlelight Vigil at the Waco Suspension Bridge to honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. on Monday.

The ones who gathered at this nighttime event work hard to carry out the dreams that Dr. King set forth in his mind. 

"And It just shows that connection that we have here in the community about this event," Brenda Sauls said. 

Sauls has been going to this event each year for the past five years. She loves bringing her kids in hopes to teach them a lesson of what Dr. King had done for them. 

The first vigil started in 1983. One husband and wife duo has then continued to host the vigil to this day. 

"If I didn't do it, who would do it? I feel it's just a duty and I enjoy it," said Coque Gibson, organizer of the vigil. 

Whether one makes it a tradition to host or attend for Sauls it's a time to say thank you. 

"A sense of just giving back to the community to where they can show that they can be part of this community," said Gibson. 

The event is filled with performances, dancing, singing and speeches. In the end, candles are lit and a song is sung to look back and think on what Dr. King had accomplished for the generations to come. 

At the end of the day Sauls can only think of a few words to describe the feeling at the event. 

"You feel loved and it's just like you're connected. It's just, it's strong it's just strong," Sauls said.

Even on a cool windy night, that didn't stop the community from coming out to celebrate. 

If the wind blew out a candle people would use their phones as a source of light. 

"The weather doesn't stop us," Gibson said. "It can be raining, it's cold but we said if Dr. King can do it in any kind of weather why can't we for a couple of hours?" 

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