Fitness studio uses 21-day challenge to build healthy habits in 2019

Posted at 3:02 PM, Jan 20, 2019
and last updated 2019-01-20 16:41:00-05

Research shows it takes 21 days to build a habit.

A fitness studio that offers yoga and barre classes in Waco is using this method to help people start 2019 off on the right foot.

Michelle Mead started her fitness journey late last year.

"By September first, I was full time, at least five times a week," Mead said. "I was 47 when I started and I wish I had started it a long time ago."

She's keeping that momentum going by taking The Studio up on its 21/31 Challenge, which encourages them to work out at least 21 days in the first 31 days of the year.

"Twelve out of the last 14 days I've been here," Mead said. "It's great to relieve stress, keeps you flexible and its good for your joints."

Members who want to participate in the challenge are given a punch card to keep track of their progress.

Amy Tarter is the director of operations at The Studio. She said more than 100 people signed up.

"It's a great way to motivate yourself to get as many classes in as possible," Mead said. "We really highly suggest three classes a week to feel the benefit of yoga, to feel the benefit of barre and tone classes."

She said this is their fourth year doing offering the challenge.

"We love doing something that helps Waco be healthy," Tarter said. "It's a big celebration any time someone makes that last punch! Everyone around them cheers. "

Mead doesn't step on the scale, but she's noticed a positive change over the last few months.

"I just go by what my body looks like and feels like, definitely leaner and my muscle tone and everything has improved," Mead said.

She said if people are looking to be happy and healthier in 2019, The Studio is a great place to start.

"I'm not big on resolutions, I'm just doing something for myself," Mead said. "I'm actually looking forward to seeing a whole year of progress now."

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