City plans to repair water line needed to meet summer demand

Posted at 6:55 PM, Jan 16, 2019
and last updated 2019-01-16 20:16:42-05

The City of Waco plans to repair a clarified water line needed to meet summer water demand. 

The 48-inch line carries water to the Mt. Carmel Treatment plant, which is where water is distributed to one portion of the city. 

According to Water Utilities Public Relations Coordinator Jonathan Echols, the water line is in need of repairs due to a water leak and malfunctioning parts. 

Since November, the water line has been out of service.

"It's well within our capability to meet demand with just the one line right now," Echols said. 

A $300,000 project is expected to fix the problem this spring.

"It's vital. We have to have it," Echols said. "It's so important, we can only do this repair during low demand time."

However, neighbors like Sziliva Kovacs are glad the work is being completed before it's too late.

"The main concern for me is water shortage," Kovacs said.

Echols said the project is expected to be wrapped up by early April.

"We are trying to take care of them before we have an issue we can't meet demand," Echols said.

The city is also working to repair a 42-inch wastewater line under I-35 and South MLK Jr. Blvd that has an unknown obstruction. The problem is impacting the flow capacity of the pipe.

In addition, crews are also working on a sinkhole on 26th Street and Webster Avenue.

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