Lampasas residents look to add Local Option Liquor Election to May ballot

Posted at 5:38 PM, Jan 16, 2019
and last updated 2019-01-16 18:46:23-05

Changes are on tap for the city of Lampasas.

"In order to have a liquor option on the ballot, it requires a petition with a valid number of signatures and in this case, it was 457 that were required," City Secretary Christina Marez said.

The signature requirement was one that a group of Lampasas residents worked for almost two months to obtain.

The group obtained a total of 548 signatures from qualified voters.

As it stands now, restaurants that sell alcohol have to have at least 50 percent of their profit come from food sales, but the petition calls for a change in the way alcohol is sold within the Lampasas city limits.

"What we are trying to change it to is the sale of all alcohol without the requirements of food," Steve Hudson said.  

Hudson is a member of the group working for change and added that he believed it would open the door to a better future for the city.

"If you don't change, you are going to die, if you don't grow you are going to wither on the vine and so we're just trying to give people another option," Hudson added.

The options could include a brewery or wine tasting bar within the city limits which is something Hudson said would be good for economic growth.

"We are a pass-through city, people pass through Lampasas and we would like to get some of those people to stop and spend some of their money here, we also are looking for business development," Hudson said.

The next step is for the Lampasas City Council to approve the ordinance and officially place the Local Option Liquor on the May ballot.

The ordinance will be presented to council on Jan. 28.

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