Therapy dog helps grieving families at funeral home

Posted at 5:00 PM, Jan 14, 2019
and last updated 2019-01-14 18:38:50-05

Sometimes animals can help us through tough times, and one dog in Bell County is doing just that. 

Libby the funeral-doodle, as she is known on Instagram, spends her days at the Crotty Funeral Home helping families in their time of grief. 

The folks at Crotty funeral said having Libby on the team has made a great impact on the community both at the funeral home and around town. 

They said Libby has the ability to make you smile in times of sadness.  

“I had a mother who came here and couldn’t walk in the funeral home. She lost her son unexpectedly and Libby peaked her head around the corner and she came to the door and she pet her and then she was able to come in and she sat with her through the whole arrangement. That’s the day I was like this is what I should have done like, I’m glad I did this,” said Jarrah Crotty, the Funeral Director at Crotty Funeral Home.  

Libby also makes scheduled visits to schools and nursing homes.

She is a certified therapy dog and has been with the funeral home for close to a year.  

You can follow Libby the funeral doodle on Instagram. 

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