Adults use coloring group to relieve stress

Posted: 5:50 PM, Jan 11, 2019
Updated: 2019-01-12 03:02:21Z
Adults use coloring group to relieve stress

Pat Hart shared her life can get pretty stressful.

"Just day to day living things you know. Just getting bills paid, getting to the grocery store. Just that kind of thing," said Hart.  

However, she said coloring helps her relieve that stress.

"It's meditative. It's almost contemplative. I love having the relaxing music in the background," said Hart.

She is not the only one who has felt that way.

That is why back in November, the Salado Public Library started an Adult Coloring Group.

"The response has been good. Everybody's really having a good time, and they feel relaxed afterward," said Children’s & Teen Librarian Julie Hoy.

"Some people are like, "coloring?" You know they're not quite sure like you know we're not a kid,  but a lot of people really they like it," added Jeanie Lively, director of the Salado Public Library.

We reached out to Cody Lapierre who is a Professor of School Psychology at A&M Central Texas, and he agreed, there are benefits to coloring. 

"There's a number of studies that have looked at coloring in stressful environments, either with pediatric ICU nurses or parents waiting for their kids to get surgery, and the results show a good positive benefit to coloring. It reduces stress in many different populations," said Lapierre.

Hart said she would recommend it for anyone.

"Old, young it doesn't matter. It's something everyone can do," said Hart.

"I think everybody needs to be focused on stress reduction techniques. We all have stress in our lives and dealing with it in a positive healthy way is important," said Lapierre.

The Salado Public Library hosts the coloring group once a month, and staff shared you can contact the library for specific dates.

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