Baylor Scott & White updates strategic plan

Posted at 2:59 PM, Jan 08, 2019
and last updated 2019-01-08 23:12:44-05

Baylor Scott & White is changing alongside with health care.

Serving Waco for over a century they have implemented a new strategic plan and guidelines to ensure everyone receives the care they want and need. 

The four updated core values are: we serve faithfully, we act honestly, we never settle and we're in it together. 

Wes Allison tore his ACL playing basketball, he leads an active and physical lifestyle. And being the CEO of the Heart of Texas Fair and Rodeo, he is on his feet all day. 

"Just going all the time and so it was like okay what can I not do," Allison said. "That was the fear for me is what am I going to miss out on." 

Hospital staff then acted honestly in his surgery and recovery process. Being in 20 weeks of therapy, Allison was told it will be a difficult but possible recovery. 

Serving faithfully is another way Hillcrest works to ensure the patient feels understood. President of Baylor Scott and White Medical Center- Hillcrest Glenn Robinson said that certain staff is partnered with the right patients. 

"I think the perfect example of that is our new almost all female breast care team," Robinson said. "If I were a woman and was diagnosed with breast cancer, I can't think of anything that would be more heartfelt then knowing that almost me entire team were women."

It doesn't stop at surgeons and nurses taking note of these values. Being in it together goes all the way to cafeteria staff. 

"A lot of people will tell you that a host is one of the most looked forward to people to visit the room because we get to provide some relief to the patients." cafeteria host Thomas Strickland said. 

"Although doctors provide relief, sometimes it can be a little painful," Strickland said. "Food isn't, everyone loves food." 

Lastly transparency, Robinson brings up an important topic when it comes to patients and the medical bills they need to pay. 

"Acting honestly, and I think that really does have to do with price transparency," Robinson said. "Our team works very hard to help our patients understand every day what would be expected of their out of pocket cost."

With the four core values in mind and Allison being able to play basketball once again he is ready and confident for round two. He and his wife will be, once again, at Baylor Scott and White Hillcrest, but this time his wife tore her ACL skiing. 

"[the doctor] is going to walk through the process with her just like we'd walk through with me and so she has surgery next Wednesday and we expect a full recovery from her," Allison said. 

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