Psychologist says decluttering your life in 2019 is good for your mental health

Posted at 5:53 PM, Jan 03, 2019
and last updated 2019-01-03 19:07:07-05

Most of us have more stuff than we'd like to admit, that's why some choose to declutter their life at the start of the new year. 

Dr. Emma Wood is a licensed clinical psychologist in Waco. She's seen how this has helped her own patients with their stress and anxiety.

"I think we've all had those moments when we come from a long day and the house just looks a mess," Woods said. "We feel stuck."

Wood said the first place you want to start is your bedroom since a good night's rest plays a big part in our overall well-being.

"If you are trying to sleep in a space that is chaos, that has clothes strewn about the floor, that is a reminder of all of the to-do lists you have in your life, sleep is not going to be restful and it's not going to come easy," Wood said. "Get your room in an order that feels right to you."

While cleaning house is great for your mental health, it's also great for places like Goodwill.

Heart of Texas Goodwill President Shannon Wittmer said this is a busy time of year for their stores.

"When we see January roll around, we do see an influx of donations here at Goodwill because it's people cleaning out their closets, making room for new items that they got for Christmas," Wittmer said.

In 2018, Heart of Texas Goodwill received nearly 200,000 donations. 

"When we're getting a bunch of donations in, it really warms my heart," Wittmer said. "We have more to put in our stores, we have more to sell, that means that we can make additional funds to be able to put into our mission programs and help our community members."

Wood said it's also good to rethink some of your relationships with others and letting go of people who are toxic.

"Similar to the spaces we exist in, there are places internally that get filled up with things that we may not need anymore," said Wood. "To declutter those spaces in our lives also opens up space for mental health and well-being."

Wood said letting go of material possessions can also boost your productivity and make you better prepared to take on 2019.

"It feels like an accomplishment. I had a task that I identified and I was able to achieve the result that I wanted," Wood said. "This is another way decluttering can be a mood-booster."

Dr. Emma Wood has been practicing for about 10 years. She specializes in complex trauma, depression and anxiety.

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