CTX family encourages others to adopt

Posted at 5:11 PM, Dec 27, 2018
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A Bell County family describes holidays being brighter after adopting two children and having their own daughter.

John Marshall and Dolores Groves-Marshall requested to adopt children who were less likely to find a forever home.

"We felt it in our hearts that we should do that. We were not adopted for us," said Dolores.

The couple who has been married for 11 years adopted their now 10-year-old daughter Kimi in 2010. 

"She is also the sweetest kid ever: hopeful and kind, and loving, just amazing," said Dolores. 

According to the Marshalls, Kimi has a chromosomal disorder, which caused her to have developmental delays and severe speech disorder.

"She had so much love to give and just needed a family to give it to. We had open hearts that was all it took," Dolores said.

Three years later, the family adopted Levi who they said had five brain surgeries before age three after being a victim of Shaken Baby Syndrome.

"Just regular parenting, talking to him, interacting him, loving him, he just popped to life and he actually doesn't have developmental delays anymore," Dolores said.

His mother said at times his behavior reflects the neglect he suffered as a baby. However, she said it is improving as he grows older.

"He is a sweet child and he is a very good brother and he is very loving," Dolores said.

In 2014, the couple had their own daughter Micah who completed their family.

"We had an awesome cake and we thought it would be icing on the cake," Dolores said.

They are now grateful to have the opportunity to spend another Christmas together enjoying each other's company.

"There's nothing better like having the holidays with kids smiling and being happy just running around," John said.

They hope their story will inspire others to adopt, which they insist doesn't require perfect parents, but a couple with open hearts and minds. 

"Thinking you can't do it. It's not for the average person, leaves kids without homes," Dolores said. "We are goofy, we are silly. We make mistakes. We probably make the same mistakes over and over sometimes and we learn as we go."

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