The secret to a long life: alcohol and coffee, study says

Posted at 5:35 PM, Dec 26, 2018
and last updated 2018-12-26 18:35:25-05

By Claudia Seibert

(WTOL) - Since 2003, researchers have been looking for the secret to a longer life with the 90+ Study.

More than 1,600 people are enrolled to be studied to figure out what it is about them that has allowed them to reach the “oldest-old” bracket.

If you’re trying to lengthen your life span, the study’s findings show that a lot of us might not have to change some aspects of our life very much to reach that goal.

The study says, and we quote: “People who drank moderate amounts of alcohol or coffee lived longer than those who abstained.”

It also says that people who were overweight in their 70s lived longer than normal or underweight people did.

The study looks at what types of foods, activities or lifestyles are associated with living longer.

If your New Year’s resolution is to give up caffeine or alcohol, you might want to think again!

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