3-year-old injured in Memphis shooting

Posted at 1:15 PM, Dec 25, 2018
and last updated 2018-12-25 14:15:46-05

By Staff 

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - A 3-year-old little boy was shot in his neck as the result of what Memphis police are calling a possible road rage incident.

According to police, shots rang out near Jackson Avenue and Mclean Monday afternoon.

Colin Wren is the victim's uncle.

"Whoever did it you will be tracked down," said Wren.

He said his brother drove to a Mapco gas station and called for help.

Brontay Brown said he also stopped at the Mapco gas station shortly after the shooting.

"When I went to the store, they said they heard 8 shots," said Brown.

Police officers and crime scene investigators quickly swarmed the area, searching for clues as to what made the suspects open fire with a child in the car.

“If it is road rage, or it hadn’t been road rage, it don’t give no man or no female in the world to do any harm to a child,” said Wren.

The child was transported to LeBonheur in critical condition and has since been upgraded to non-critical.

The incident has neighbors, like Carrie Jones, on edge.

"I got two [kids] in the car with me. We could be passing and get hit the same way, just out of the blue," said Jones.

Wren said his brother told him he did not recognize the person who opened fire.

He did confirm the shots were fired from a gold Volkswagen Jetta.

If you have any information regarding this shooting, you are asked to call Memphis Police.

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