Temple shooting on Thursday.

">Temple shooting on Thursday.



Good Samaritan helps 4-year-old boy recovering in hospital after Temple shooting

Posted at 5:08 PM, Dec 24, 2018
and last updated 2018-12-24 23:32:42-05

A Gatesville woman is helping the 4-year-old boy, and his family, who is recovering after a Temple shooting on Thursday.

Police said Corden Fidler's stepfather shot the boy, took two other lives and then his own in a double-murder suicide in Temple. 

Sunday night, Nikki Baker posted on Facebook saying she was going to help Cord and his family.

"I plan on going out and gathering some snacks and little things for cords family to have to snack on throughout the day, if you have any good recipes or would like to donate please let me know," the Facebook post said.

Baker then went to Walmart Christmas Eve morning to beat the crowds. It was a last minute decision that Baker couldn't let pass her by.

"Tragedies like these you never know, if it could be you next. And to know that you have people that will always have your back, whether them be strangers or not is just a good feeling," Baker said. 

And this isn't the only time Baker has chosen to give back to ones in need. The Girl Scouts of Gatesville even gave her the title of "hometown hero" because of her generous heart.

"Just doing something simple, that can make them smile or help them out makes me happy. And so I want to be able to do that for anybody that I can," Baker said.

Cord's step-mother, Alexandra Fidler, gave an update on Facebook regarding his surgery on Sunday. Fidler said everything went well and his bowel was repaired.

Cord went in for a second surgery around 1 p.m. on Monday to repair his abdomen which was also successful. 

If you would like to see current updates or help donate to Corden and his family you can visit their GoFundMe page

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