Family of Corden Fidler speaks out in emotional statement

Posted at 9:27 PM, Dec 21, 2018
and last updated 2018-12-21 22:54:12-05

The family of 4-year-old Corden Fidler shared their grief and a call to action for anyone suffering from domestic violence.

Corden's stepmother Alexandra Fidler says his father is by his son's side in the hospital as Corden fights for his life.

"Corden is stable but has a long road ahead of him," said Alexandra.

The prayers and support for Corden, the sole survivor of his stepfather's violent rampage have moved the Fidler family to tears, who wait by his hospital bed.

"We are sickened by what's happened but humbled by the love and support by our blue and red families as well as complete strangers in the community," said Alexandra.

Corden's father, Matt Fidler, is a Burnet firefighter and Alexandra is a law enforcement officer. 

"As someone who has dealt with domestic violence both professionally and personally I want to urge anyone out there that needs to hear it that domestic violence is not okay and there are many resources available to anyone who needs to get out of the situation they're in," said Alexandra

According to Temple Police, Matt Splittgerber shot the boy in his front yard Thursday morning and killed his estranged wife Shelly Splittgerber, Corden's mom, who is an elementary school teacher,  just a day after she sought a protective order against him.  Splittgerber killed his mother-in-law Sherry Gray and then killed himself.

"Please pray for our bubby as we call him.  He has a little sister that loves him more than anything and a family that misses his goofy jokes," said Alexandra.

Alexandra started a wall of cards in Corden's pediatric ICU room.  You can send a card to McLane Children's Hospital and the family asks for continued prayers.

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