Parents of 1-year-old with severe burns arrested after conflicting stories

Posted at 9:08 AM, Dec 21, 2018
and last updated 2018-12-21 10:23:15-05

The Bellmead Police Department arrested a woman for endangering a child on Wednesday. Her husband was also arrested for tampering with evidence.

Police said that on Dec. 10, they were notified by CPS that a 1-year-old boy in Bellmead had been taken to the emergency room one day prior with severe burns. It was reported that a multi-plug outlet had caught fire, then caught the carpet on fire - which caused severe burns to the child. 

It was also reported that the child was in a stroller at the time of the fire.

The child was care-flighted to Parkland Hospital in Dallas. 

During the investigation, it was discovered that the fire point of origin was in the kitchen and not the living room.  An uncle to the victim, who was asleep in the home at the time of the incident, said that he could see the child's mother when he came into the room.

He said that he told her that the child got into the stove. He also said that due to the heating/air being broken the stove is used to heat the residence.

Investigators report that the father of the child was identified as 53-year-old James Reed and the mother was identified as 27-year-old Eureka Reed, both residents of Bellmead.  Both of the parents provided conflicting accounts of what happened and were not consistent with the evidence.  

At one point, Eureka was outside for 20 to 30 minutes and went back into the home, which is when she found the victim being injured.

Investigators said that James had already removed the linoleum in the kitchen and discarded it outside the home along with throwing away the stroller the day of the fire. They also discovered that there were three other children in the home at the time of the incident. 

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