UMHB Football to recruit the best teammates

Posted at 11:14 PM, Dec 18, 2018
and last updated 2018-12-19 00:14:26-05

Well, the National Champs are now turning their focus to recruiting.

"We've tried to stay in touch with guys, but there's been a lot of people that have been out knocking on doors and going into home visits, and stuff. So, it always puts us behind, but winning a National Championship hopefully means something special, and so we just want to touch base with a few of those guys," UMHB Head Football Coach Pete Fredenburg said. 

When you ask Coach Fredenburg what made winning a second National Championship in three years so special, He will tell you first and foremost it was because his family was there with him. but also that  a whole slew of former athletes made the trip to cheer on their former teammates. 

Coach Fredenburg has said all year, his team found success because his players were the best teammates, and now, that is what he's looking for in this next bunch.

"The thing that in Division I, you kind of put guys in a box. They've gotta be a certain height, they gotta weigh a certain amount, and they gotta be this fast... We look at guys that they might not run as fast or jump as high, but they're guys that have great character. Guys that their teachers, their coaches, they just think the world of and because of one reason or another they didn't get offered a scholarship... we wanna be there to scoop them up because they're the kind of people we're looking for. Guys that just love to play the game," Coach Fredenburg added. 

One name that sticks out from this year, is TJ Josey, a senior whose stats this year didn't equate to All American, but who made the blocks down field to make sure his teammates got in the end zone and his team won a national championship. It's those type of players Coach is looking for. 

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