Police investigate incident at Killeen doughnut shop

Posted at 3:37 PM, Dec 14, 2018
and last updated 2018-12-17 01:34:08-05

The case remains open as police investigate after an incident at 'Best Donuts' a family owned and operated Killeen donut shop. 

Killeen police said that detectives are investigating an incident that happened at 3810 Trimmier Road on Thursday. 

When we sat down with victim Vicky Tith on her first day back at work since the incident, she said "I'm here to work, pay my bills, and to help my dad."

Community members poured into the family ran shop to purchase an item and ask how the family is doing. Best Donuts has been servicing the Killeen community for over five years, and seems beloved from the community members that came to apologize for the way Vicky was treated, a woman exclaiming "I was outraged, my husband and I came over here this morning, just to kind of apologize for what happened."

Killeen ISD said that an Ellison High School student was present at the time of the incident, where allegedly the student's family members attacked employees there. 

Terry Abbott, the spokesperson for Killeen ISD, said that the student did not partake in the incident, but was suspended and later withdrew from the school. 

The withdrawal was already planned, according to Abbott, and not because of the incident. 

The case remains under investigation. 

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