Boy, 11, gets his tongue stuck to pole imitating ‘A Christmas Story’

Posted at 5:31 AM, Dec 05, 2018
and last updated 2018-12-05 06:31:47-05

SANDWICH, IL (RNN) - An 11-year-old said he’d seen the infamous “A Christmas Story” scene where a boy gets his tongue stuck to a frozen pole after he’s dared to lick it, but he didn’t think that could actually happen.

Spencer Cline, 11, says he was inspired by the movie to lick a metal pole he and his 12-year-old friend Cole Leeper saw Tuesday night after sledding, according to The Aurora Beacon-News.

Just like the character Flick, Spencer’s tongue stuck to the pole.

“Cole thought at first I was messing with him,” Spencer told the Beacon-News. “I told him, ‘No, it’s really stuck.’ But he, at first, couldn’t understand what I was saying.”

Cole rushed to a nearby house, where he asked for hot water, but the woman there said she didn’t have any. They called an ambulance instead.

Thankfully, Spencer was able to pull his tongue off before emergency crews arrived. He estimates he was stuck for about seven minutes, the Beacon-News reports.

“I was trying to get it off, but I wasn’t pulling,” Spencer said. “I was being gentle and freaking out. Some of my taste buds came off onto the pole.”

Sandwich Deputy Fire Chief Nathan King said his department has never responded to a call like that before.

“Every crew member there was reminded of the movie and laughed at that scene,” King told the Beacon-News.

Spencer received medical attention, and his tongue is expected to be OK. He says the incident really hurt, and he learned his lesson. He told the Beacon-News he hopes no other kids try the same stunt.

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