Nonprofit aims to help under served youth in Killeen

Posted at 7:23 PM, Dec 01, 2018
and last updated 2018-12-01 22:43:11-05

Alice W. Douse was the first African American Principal at Killeen ISD, impacting the educational development of generations of families within the Killeen community.

After her passing two years ago, KISD constructed and named the 34th elementary school in her honor, Douse Elementary.

Her granddaughter, Yvette Holmes, now gives back to the city of Killeen in a different way. Today, as the Educator and Community Organizer at Dibia Dream, she brought an education nonprofit powerhouse to the very city her grandmother made her impact.

For four years, the nonprofit organization has been working to change children's lives.

Dibia Dream is an organization that brings creativity, and knowledge to underserved youth. The entire idea for the organization stemmed from the experience of its founder, Brandon Okpalobi, who struggled as a child in school until teachers introduced art into his life.

From that realization, the now organization works to improve the futures of youth in both Miami, New Orleans and now, Killeen.

Killeen is the third city to have the program introduced into its youth community, which approximately aids one thousand children through their program called, STEM Saturdays. This, in turn, increases school attendance of that youth by 90 percent. They partner with many community and national entities, but always are looking to add to their support structure as an organization.

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