Baylor Scott & White Hospice bringing community together for a celebration of life

Posted at 3:52 PM, Dec 01, 2018
and last updated 2018-12-01 19:12:34-05

Baylor Scott & White Hospice Waco brought the community together on Dec. 1 for a celebration of life. 

This is their 30th year of the annual "Light Up a Life" event, where doves are placed on a Christmas Tree representing the ones who have passed that have received hospice care. 

Gone but not forgotten, that's what people say at "Light Up a Life."

Marilyn LaStrape lost her husband more than five years ago, and remains grateful for the care he got at Baylor Scott and White Hospice now, Joseph Lastrape's name hangs on this memorial tree.

"It makes us remember and it makes us very thankful that we are still here to carry on on behalf of the loved ones that are gone."

Since his passing, LaStrape has given thanks in the only way she can, by volunteering at the hospice twice a month. 

Those that work with the hospice, talk of hearts filled with love, knowing they can help people in more ways than one. 

"We are beyond grateful this is we are honored to do this work," Sandra Earles, Team Leader of Baylor Scott & White Hospice said. "Most of us feel like it was a calling, for us to serve the community like this and our patients. And it's a tremendous blessing. 

 And LaStrape has one more tradition here, before she leaves.

I always take a picture every year. I mean I have to I want to and its something that I take home and show my kids of course my grand kids. It's the same every year but every year it's different." LaStrape said.

Without Hospice and "Light Up a Life," LaStrape would be lost. 

"They have helped me. It's like a healing. It's like another therapy session," LaStrape said. 

It was a suggested $15 donation to place a dove on the memorial tree. This is the nonprofit's only fundraising event of the year and the money collected will be used to help ones receive hospice care that can't afford it. 

If you would like donate or volunteer your time to the Hospice in Waco or Temple visit their website. 

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