GRAPHIC: SCDOT responds to disturbing images of dead dog put on side of truck for roadway removal

Posted at 2:53 PM, Nov 27, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-27 15:53:03-05

By Tanita Gaither 

CALHOUN COUNTY, SC (WIS) - The South Carolina Department of Transportation is responding to a now-viral social media post that shows a dead dog being transported away from the road by being hanged on the side of the truck.

The social media post shows the incident happening in Calhoun County in Sandy Run. The description shows the outrage of the treatment of the dead pet.

“This happened around 3 p.m. today on Hwy 21 in Sandy Run,” the post reads. “This is how DOT decided to take someone’s dog that had been hit down the road. My friend is so upset and her children saw the dog hanging from the truck. They told my friend that they were going to throw it in the ‘forest.’”

A video on the post shows the workers telling the poster that the dog’s body would be thrown in the wood, as they do with all dead animals picked up off the road.

In response to a WIS inquiry about the post, a SCDOT spokesperson said:

SCDOT is reviewing the situation that occurred in Calhoun County on Monday involving the removal of a dead animal from the road.  SCDOT’s policy prohibits its workers from transporting an animal carcass hanging from the hoist of the truck. The hoist is to be used to place the carcass in the bed of the truck. SCDOT apologizes to the public for the failure of the crew to follow procedure. Disciplinary action may result when the review is completed.

SCDOT spokesperson Pete Poore

Poore also said that concerned citizens who have contacted SCDOT directly will have their calls received.

You can see the entire post here. WARNING: The images may be disturbing to some.

One of the photos shows the dog strung up on the side of the truck and another photos shows the truck driving away with the dog’s body tied to the truck.

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